At LPA we believe in residents in social housing taking control of the services they receive. We specialise in the development and support of Tenant Management Organisations (TMOs) and the application of the Right to Manage for council tenants and leaseholders. With over 20 years experience of the sector we can help you improve the lives of your local community.

Council tenants (and leaseholders) have had a statutory Right to Manage their homes since 1994. Unfortunately despite it being one of the most effective ways to manage social housing the take up remains relatively small and it is one of the least well known options for residents who are unhappy with the service they receive from their landlord.

TMOs can and do provide a wide range of services including;

  • rent collection
  • repairs
  • cleaning & caretaking
  • grounds maintenance

TMOs can range in size from 20 secure tenants to well over 1500 and they consistently return higher levels of resident satisfaction than their parent landlord.

However, in order to ensure that things continue to run smoothly it’s vital that the management committees continue to keep up to date and informed. LPA can help your TMO achieve this through a range of bespoke training as well as advice on best practice and reviewing and updating your management agreement.